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how to be ruthless when decluttering clothes

If an item isn’t important enough that you want to get the repairs or alterations done in a timely manner, you probably don’t need it in your wardrobe. We hope that we lose the last few pounds or … Plan your reward – A downsized, easy to use wardrobe is a reward on its own of course. Is it damaged, stained or needing repairs? As you declutter, move your work clothes to the easiest-to-reach spot in your closet. I ask myself… if I would buy it again if I saw it in the store? Because it’s time to be ruthless and declutter clothes!! So you can weed out the clothes that don’t work for you. The hangers are so cramped together that your clothes are heavily creased. I declutter my clothes on a constant basis and have been really trying to be more intentional with my purchases; there’s nothing worse than spending money on something you never wear! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment to say hi! This makes the process so much easier. How to be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes. Before we get into the purging clothes, let’s start with being smart. Do you ever look in your closet…and it all seems so complicated? One of the joys of creating a clutter-free wardrobe is that you can actually cherish and protect your clothes properly. Here’s how to get rid of clothes and create a simple wardrobe out of that cluttered closet…the easy way! Set the timer for an hour, and just see all you can accomplish! the day. Toss them in the bin, and when it’s full, drop it off at Goodwill. Plan to make decisions rather quickly about what’s actually worth your precious closet space. Sign up to have new posts delivered straight to your inbox. ), How to Plan for Christmas 2020 (and still make it fun! Other examples are women’s shelters, homeless shelters As well as which items don’t work for you, I’m hoping it will give me incentive to start giving away or selling the pieces I’m not wearing soon! Aim to only keep the things you look and feel your best in when you wear them. That’s great! items you wear, and which items you don’t, is a great way to give yourself a push I’m going to do that this week while I’m off. mistakes when buying clothes in the future. Look in the mirror, take pictures of yourself, or ask a friend you trust to be brutally honest with you to give you their opinion. This is a well-known trick to use when decluttering clothes. Thanks for reading . Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, everyone seems to be decluttering their closets, and the enthusiasm is contagious. 1. It goes straight to the Goodwill! Then, each time you wear an item, hang it back up with the hanger facing the right way. Way to go! Thanks for helpful ideas! Thanks for reading and sharing , Thanks i am going to try these tips. Usually when I want to wear something and find it no longer fits well, I put in the box. They can’t all be equally good, right? Chaos that’s causing you anxiety and decision fatigue. That means: What a great idea! Like how you thought you were gonna be a cute skinny jean and ankle boot person every day, but realistically you wear yoga pants most of the time. This forces you to wear some of the clothes you usually pass over in favour of For example, after tracking your wardrobe for 3 months, you’ll be able to see which items are the go-to pieces you wear often. I know that it’s certainly been mine over long stretches of time. I should just take half a day of trying on my clothes and getting rid of…- but I work full to over time and have a young child plus husband that wants my time so can’t dedicate half a day for this task. It's a good idea to tackle clothes organization when the seasons change. If you want to know how to be ruthless when decluttering clothes, these 11 tips and tricks will help! Another great organization is The Glass Slipper Project that collects formal gowns to give to girls who otherwise couldn’t afford a prom dress. I have a give away box with a lid in my walk in closet. Use these 12 tips to dramatically simplify your wardrobe and declutter clothes. Also, pay attention to the clothes you’re keeping and wear most often. Thanks for all your posts and help! A ruthless approach to decluttering completely transformed my life ... books and kids’ clothes, it got out of hand. That really forces me to either start using the item or get rid of it! Before you put your clean laundry back into your closet, take a minute to notice which items you didn’t wear. There may be duplicate items, sentimental items, clothing that no longer suits your lifestyle, or clothes that don’t fit you anymore and are more than one size away from your current size or weight. of. You have to rotate your clothing or you are right back with too much again. I’m going to take the advice of the other reader and not even open the box after 3 months. – Do that thing everyone recommends: when you bring a new piece of clothing into your wardrobe, take one out. If listing your clothes and tracking how many times you ………………..Does it coordinate well with my other clothes or can I never find what goes with it ? How To Declutter Your Closet. I'm often told - by colleagues, family, friends, my husband, my ASOS delivery man - that I own far too many clothes. « How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms (and other busy people! Pretend you’re Marie Kondo! Is this your nightmarish reality? But it lets you experiment with living with less without being 5. The ruthlessness must continue! Let me know in the comments below! The Negative Effects of Clutter: 12 ways your stuff is stealing from you! You will feel so accomplished when you’re done! Some are faded, and there’s that one with the hole in the armpit. As you’re decluttering your clothes, if you come across something you don’t wear often but are struggling to let go of, make a point to wear the item today or in the next couple of days. Don’t want to give yourself the chance to second guess your decisions! 12 Reasons We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear and How to…, Why Highly Sensitive People Need Minimalism, Decluttering Clothes: 11 tips to make clearing out…, How to Get Rid of Stuff: 11 reasons why it’s hard to…, The Minimalist Mindset Shift – 9 Ways Minimalism…, The Best Trick to Purge Your Closet + 6 Questions to…, 6 questions to ask yourself to make decluttering clothes. Often, thinking about how you could help others with the clothes I love the “maybe box”. These questions can help you figure out which items you Plan to make decisions rather quickly about what’s actually worth your precious closet space. ... How to organise and declutter your bedroom. HOW TO START DECLUTTERING YOUR BELONGINGS. Grab your supplies. I have a rule that you can only have a maximum of 7 pieces of any 1 color. The hanger method works great to show you which items you never wear. At least, it is until you open your closet door and face the reality of actually sorting through all of your own clothes. Thanks for reading and sharing your strategy! – You’ll need somewhere to put the stuff you’re not keeping. I’m Melissa. feel or look, get rid of them! Which trick are you going to try to clear the clutter from your closet? That scarf you bought for that costume that one time. But plan a little treat for yourself to celebrate your accomplishment. I love these tips so much and they’re definitely helpful. Thanks for reading , Thanks! It’s time to start filling the garbage bags or empty boxes you grabbed earlier. If it has not been used with in 3-6 months, chances are really high that you are good to let go of it. Figuring out how to declutter be painless and easy once you know where to start. It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job of simplifying your wardrobe and paying attention to what types of clothes work best for you. In 5 steps! Decluttering clothes has never been easier! I find that’s a really great way to help me declutter my clothes too. Just like making a point to wear items you’re struggling to let go of, another great way to make decluttering clothes easier is by trying on each item you want to keep. Because it’s time to be ruthless and declutter clothes!! And even feel rewarding, knowing you’ll be helping make someone Do they have anything in common? Make sure you have an ongoing donation box in your closet. ), 35 Easy Homemade DIY Gift Basket Ideas (for any occasion! That means: Grab a few garbage bags or empty boxes – You’ll need somewhere to put the stuff you’re not keeping. I write about creating a simpler, more intentional life by decluttering and embracing minimalism. of regretting your decisions. – Designate an area where you’ll keep items you want to get rid of over time. I enjoyed this article! Here’s a quick and easy method to downsize your wardrobe fast. I love the idea of hosting a clothing swap too! closet, it’s important to stop adding more clothes to your wardrobe while you’re It lets Hanging items. I’m going to try that and at the end of 6 months I haven’t missed it, I’m not even going to open the box, just donate it. As I looked around the house I noticed how many spots we have all of our things–and figured this was the perfect time to declutter shoes, clothes, and jackets for the next season! To keep clothes from accumulating again in the future, there are a few things you can do. Often, having a fresh pair of eyes to help you sort your clothes can be really helpful to decide which items make you look your best. When you reach your deadline, see if there are any hangers still hanging backwards. I put whatever object in there and close the lid and can’t see it. Having a capsule wardrobe and embracing a small, simple wardrobe has brought so many positive benefits to my life. A ruthless approach to decluttering completely transformed my life ... books and kids’ clothes, it got out of hand. attention to how they fit, feel and look on you. If you have somewhere other than your closet you can keep them, even better! It’s such a great way to see if you actually like an item or are just telling yourself you like it, as you said! Go into it with the right attitude – Tell yourself that you’re going to spend the next 30 minutes or 1 hour clearing your wardrobe. Related Posts: How to build a capsule wardrobe for beginners Opening the wardrobe causes a surge of anxiety? decluttering clothes, especially clothes you’re having a hard time letting go I do not want to hold on to something that I do not wear when someone else could use that item and benefit from it. There are two keys to decluttering your closet well: be prepared to dedicate time to it and be ruthless. You can track your wardrobe and which items you wear in an app. decluttering clothes is to shift your mindset. Be ruthless – if you haven't used an item for a year, send it to a charity shop, recycle it or, as a last resort, bin it. Introducing...Monthly Decluttering Challenges! You can view my full disclosure policy here. The maybe pile is where you need to be ruthless when it comes to decluttering your clothes. Thanks for reading . We’ve had a lot of different events and parties go by where we were asked to dress up in all sorts of costumes, and these aren’t exactly clothes we can wear on a daily basis. keep in your wardrobe, but don’t want to wear in the next few days, when will put it straight in your donation box. How to declutter clothes, according to an expert. If I decide to buy new that means some of the old has to go. Maybe you notice you’re adjusting it constantly, the material is irritating, the color isn’t the best on you, etc. Thanks for all of your great ideas! Or maybe the style, color or fit of an item just doesn’t flatter you as much as you thought it did. I’m so glad to hear you found it helpful! It’s important that you pass along the clothes you decluttered rather quickly. If you haven’t got the repairs or alterations done by the deadline, get rid of the items. Since you’re now a decisive rock-star, I’m sure you’ll come across items you want to remove from your home rather routinely now. Melissa, I used to keep the donation box in my closet but it was too easy to pull things out and hang them back up. 6 secrets to decluttering your home quickly The 80/20 rule: Generally speaking, we only wear 20 percent of the clothes we own 80 percent of the time. Life provides us with lots of good opportunities to reevaluate our wardrobes, so if any of these 21 signs resonate with you, take that as a cue to start decluttering. If you haven’t worn a … If you don’t love the fit, And further, if there is something you think you want to How to Declutter Fast with the Shock Treatment Declutter Method If you’ve read my post on decluttering your wardrobe , then you already have a sneak peek into my shock treatment declutter method. It’s no secret that I love a simplified wardrobe. Pay attention to the clothes you’re getting rid of and Protect your clothes. Now don’t go back through everything all carefully, second-guessing yourself. Often, the things we want to keep, but rarely wear, are things we want to work for us, but don’t really work. Sometimes the hardest part of decluttering can be knowing how to get started. Thanks for reading , I love these tips! Grab my free printable decluttering calendar and have neat and tidy drawers and closets by the end of the month! *. Just wondering because I'm considering getting rid of pretty much everything that stays still for too long. I … Once stuff opens back up, I want to have a clothing swap with my friends! more likely you will follow through and clear the clutter from your closet! It’s one of those jobs that seems so simple but if you’ve given it a go (and I’m sure you have), you will know that it’s not always plain sailing! Be ruthless. How to be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes. Folded clothes from your closet. Welcome! The best way to challenge this is to make a How to Declutter Your Clothes. No dwelling on “but I might need this when <. Now’s the time to shed the extra ‘weight’ of clothing clutter that interferes with your mornings. Your special occasion clothes are best kept completely out of the way of your daily life. You’re almost done, I promise. I’m sharing the process I like to follow when decluttering and organizing my closet. In fact, creating a capsule wardrobe has been one of my favourite simplifying projects ever! That’s great! Do a quick declutter every 3-6 months – Revisit your closet and repeat this quick declutter process a few times a year. I hope they will help you too! And I agree that donating it without even looking in it is a great idea! Or better yet, in your car. A great way to take the backwards hanger method to the next Did you really wear all that stuff? a deadline to revisit your wardrobe in a set amount of time, say 3 or 6 months. clothes to give yourself options and variety. You don’t need 17 black v-neck shirts. when decluttering clothes, asking yourself the right questions about your That’s awesome! your lifestyle or your wardrobe. Be Ruthless. One in, one out – Do that thing everyone recommends: when you bring a new piece of clothing into your wardrobe, take one out. – Or podcast, or audiobook, or whatever will distract you just enough that you forget you’re doing a chore. She moved into that house right after getting married. Or simply make a list of your clothes and tally up how many times you wear each item over a set period of time. However, keeping track of which It's one of those jobs that seems so simple but if you've given it a Consider establishing a work “uniform” (like dress pants, a button-down shirt, and ballet flats), at least for stressful Mondays. Thanks for reading . Having too many clothes causes a kind of clutter that makes simply getting dressed or doing the laundry a hassle. Or how you’re pretty sure you will get around to losing those 20 lbs…someday. She raised four kids in that house. But plan a little treat for yourself to celebrate your accomplishment. Thanks for sharing. This can help you hone in on your personal style and preferences so you can buy clothes that will work best for you in the future. I know that it’s certainly been mine over long stretches of time. How to Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes. Say goodbye to any items that still have tags on them. Grab your supplies. All four seasons have passed in the last 12 months. It’ll make choosing your outfit each morning go so much smoother. ollect donate and sell items in large trash bags, boxes, or bins. think about how other people could use and appreciate the clothes you aren’t Pretend you’re Marie Kondo! I’m so glad to hear you found this post helpful & it’s inspired you to finish your closet. May 22, 2020 - 12 tips and tricks to help you be ruthless when decluttering your wardrobe. Get ready to be decisive – You can’t love all your clothes equally, right? This post may contain affiliate links. Now’s the time to shed the extra ‘weight’ of clothing clutter that interferes with your mornings. But even knowing this, you might think you need more This guide contains a simple flowchart that helps determine which clothes to … You need to get all supplies you think will be helpful and make it much easier for you during process. wear, but in reality, rarely wear. You can even put yourself on a shopping ban if you need to. First things first, we need to set the tone. Clothes waiting to be repaired or altered can be another source of clutter in your closet. Set Turn all your hangers to hang backwards in your closet. In today’s post, I’m sharing 11 of my favourite tips and Getting dressed is faster and easier, it saves money, my closet is organized and clutter-free and easy to keep that way, and more! Maybe styles or your style has changed. Even if you aren’t ready to go all in simplifying your clothes and create a capsule wardrobe, decluttering your clothes can still have a wonderfully positive impact on your life. That will probably help me more than anything! It’s either a definite yes, a definite no, and a maybe pile if you truly cannot decide whether to keep something or not. Is it comfortable? Remove out any hangers or clothes with dust on them. For example, ­­­­Dress for Success collects business clothes for women trying to enter the job market to wear to job interviews to increase their chances of getting a job. Thanks for the post! Too tempting to hang it up. them easier. Boy did I need this article!~ Stop buying clothes was just for me! wear them sounds like too much work, another great option is to simply pay Instead of thinking about you, Luckily you won’t need a lot of supplies to declutter before moving. If I haven’t missed it then I don’t need it. Another great way to help you be more ruthless when decluttering clothes is to shift your mindset. You will be accumulating piles of clothes to donate or sell so it’s a good idea to set up a designated spot for those to go. I’ve also lost several pounds since the last time I cleared out my closet, so quite a few pieces are leaving just based on fit! Again, a wonderful article with great tips. I’m glad it was helpful for you. You can try some of these decluttering strategies or all of them! Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, everyone seems to be decluttering their closets, and the enthusiasm is contagious. How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes. declutter your clothes is to see how long you can go before doing your laundry. How to Declutter Your Clothes. Good for you! Tips for how to declutter clothes: Start at the back of your closet and remove any items that have been pushed far back. Consider a small jewelry box next to the basket on the dresser. I’m so happy to hear it was helpful for you! clothes most of the time. What a great idea! I’m glad it was a helpful post for you! If you haven’t needed, wanted or even thought about the items in your maybe box The best way to deal with this type of clothes clutter is to give yourself deadlines to get the repairs or alterations done. I keep putting stuff in there until the lid gets too full. Good for you! You’re going to have to be a bit cutthroat about it all. Of course, this doesn’t apply to special occasion clothes. 2. You’ll want to drop them off for donation on the way to pick up the reward you planned for yourself. However, I did tone down the method for that post. She got divorced, and then continued to live in that house. Spring is in the air, and I have been in serious spring cleaning mode these past few weeks. I have a few special occasions pieces and some summer tops separate. By Emily Anderson. Because we won’t be finding any use for them any time soon, I’ll take your advice and arrange them orderly so we can hire a decluttering service to help us get more space in our house. If you’re struggling to let go of an item, especially if Just finish the task, and get rid of them now. Certainly never try to organize your whole clothing collection in one go. First of all, there’s no right or wrong way to declutter clothes! Not going to buy any clothes until the end of 2019. And I’m glad to hear you’re wearing things you haven’t worn much as well. If you want to downsize your wardrobe and be more ruthless Since coronavirus hit, I’ve been going through my closet with a closer look, since I have the time. It's a good idea to tackle clothes organization when the seasons change. Sometimes you think something looks and feels great on you, but what you think isn’t always true! I have heard of the backwards hanger trick for some time, but I think you finally convinced me to try it! Bags of clothes sitting around aren’t good for your psyche. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.” ~ Cheryl Richardson. ), How to Have a Magical Christmas (even when you have no money). It’s easy to keep things you hope to wear, or wish you wore, or think you You will feel so accomplished when you’re done! Then just keep the top few in each category. This post may contain affiliate links. I’m so happy it was helpful for you! Most of us have these fantasy versions of ourselves. Use these similarities to help you avoid making the same and other organizations that support people who otherwise may not have access Here are my favourite 6 questions to ask yourself to make decluttering clothes easier: You can read more about how to use these 6 questions to declutter your clothes more effectively here. – A downsized, easy to use wardrobe is a reward on its own of course. Do you look good in it? I love this strategy and think it’s such a great way to continually assess and edit your wardrobe! The easier you make it to get rid of the clothes, the There’s just no sense in keeping your closet stuffed with clothes that don’t apply to who you actually are right now. Yes!! When you tackle decluttering your clothes these tips and tricks can make the process easier. Thanks for reading . Determine what to keep according to the guidelines earlier in this post. Also my closet is divided by colors. you know you don’t wear it often, put it in a box and put the box out of sight. The drawers won’t shut properly. And sometimes even though you want to love an item, something about it bugs you. Great idea of wearing the item to see if you still want it. Opening the wardrobe causes a surge of anxiety? Clothes. The mere fact that someone else could use this clothing and benefit from it helps me to be ruthless when decluttering my clothes. Here’s a fun step-by-step guide to declutter your closet once and for all. I am a tea drinking, yoga loving mama and my favourite place to be is at home. Honestly, just thinking of it will probably be enough to change my mindset and make me get rid of things. Organizing and decluttering the top of the dresser is just as important as the drawers. I liked the tally method that you have mentioned. Learn how to get your closet and drawers decluttered once and for all with these simple tips for decluttering clothes.And don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of the closet declutter checklist too!. You can tell yourself you like it and want to keep it- but you truly won’t know until you actually wear it. Thanks, Rose! She got divorced, and then continued to live in that house.

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